Shelby is friendly, dedicated, and committed. She'll provide references and information about each job opportunity and its company. She'll keep in touch for regular updates and will do her best to bridge communications between the candidate and the company so that the process flows more smoothly. Definitely a good professional to work with!



Working with Shelby was nothing short of pleasant. From the first time we connected, Shelby was not only professional and succinct, but communicative as well. Shelby reached out to me with a few opportunities and provided me with ample amounts of material to help make my search as smooth as possible. Her calm demeanor always made me feel optimistic about the desired position and she made sure I was constantly updated every step of the way. She went the extra mile by continuing to follow up with me and ensure all my needs were met once I made a decision, something she did not have to do whatsoever.


Moving into a new role is a huge part of one's life as it sets the foundation for them for years to come. Throughout my discussions with Shelby, I never felt pressured, always felt reassured, and would absolutely recommend her!



Kayla,  today was my first day with Relay Platform. It went really well. The onboarding was great and I did receive a warm welcome from the team. The company's culture is very open and I found it really interesting. I want to thank you for giving me a chance to attend the interview. You patiently listened to my requirements and figured out the right company for me. I appreciate the effort you put in through the entire recruitment process and also for your promptness. It's always a pleasure to work with such a dedicated recruiter like you.

Chris, thank you for scheduling the interviews on time and giving me a heads-up about the interviews. You have a very passionate team.



Nikol helped me obtain the job of a lifetime and advance my career in a way I never dreamed possible. She worked with me even after I declined the offer. Little did I know that was not the end. She fought hard and I ultimately signed on to this new job that I anticipate will be the last company I work for.



I recently went through a successful hiring process with your employee, Komal Kalia and I felt compelled to write to you and let you know that she is excellent at her role as a tech recruiter for hireVouch! She was courteous, professional, and prompt throughout the job applicant/interview process. The resources she provided to me were a great refresher for me (seeing that I've been out of the job-hunting game for 4 years). She is a great representation of your company and I'll be keeping your firm and her in mind should I look for new opportunities and challenges in the future.


Misato - Software Developer

Shelby was incredibly helpful in connecting me with the right opportunity. She actually took the time to talk and listen to what I was looking for from my next role, and matched me up with opportunities that fit the description. Her approach and professionalism was so refreshing. Throughout the application process, Shelby was supportive, patient, and responsive to many questions and any concerns as well. I had a very positive experience, and wholeheartedly recommend working with Shelby!


Founder - Quantum Mob

Chris and his team has been nothing short of pivotal to our success and has provided candidates that are spookily good. With better candidates we interview less and get projects started faster.

CTO - Architech

I enjoyed working with Patrick because he is honest about realities, transparent with details, and demonstrated integrity through ethical conduct. Most importantly, he cares about the individual and is very mindful not to just be filling another role/seat. I highly recommend working with Patrick for these qualities because they are often hard to find!


Jon - Senior Full Stack Engineer

Nikol is an amazing recruiter. She has listened to my needs and has kept me informed throughout the process. When my first opportunity didn't pan out, Nikol kept at it, finding me more opportunities to interview for. For each interview, she has researched the company and offered advice so that I arrived with the specific information I needed to impress. I would easily recommend Nikol to anyone looking for a new role. Well done!


Eric - Data Engineer Candidate

On support for candidates through their interviews:

This is awesome Shelby! It’s really refreshing to be working alongside such a helpful recruiter!


Adam - Head of Engineering Talent, Benchsci

Working with Chris and his team has been such a great experience. hireVouch attracts some of the best talent in Toronto and I always look forward to seeing the world-class candidates that Chris is able to present to us on a consistent basis. In a market where there is no shortage of options for external recruitment help, hireVouch is a breath of fresh air and our go-to team for any and all technical roles that we need help with.


Deepthi - Talent and Culture Lead, Architech

Working with Chris and his team at hireVouch has been a very positive experience for our Talent & Culture team at Architech. Chris is able to understand our urgent hiring requirements no matter how niche the roles are and is able to connect us with the best talent within the Toronto tech space along with a quick turnaround. I highly recommend them!