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Ken, Product Manager

"Shelby has been the best recruiter that I have personally worked with. When she reached out to me regarding a very interesting role, I was initially uncertain about it being a good fit. As of today, almost three months into the role, I can say she was spot on. Shelby was proactive, extremely responsive, and I really felt like she went above and beyond when it came to her role during the interview process. I would recommend Shelby to both hiring managers and those looking for new opportunities."


Chris, Senior Data Engineer

"I worked with Shelby during a challenging and transformative period in my career. Shelby played a pivotal role in helping me find a new opportunity following the acquisition of my previous organization. What stood out most about Shelby was her unwavering patience and understanding. She never rushed or pressured me throughout the recruiting process. Her ability to maintain a strong and positive rapport with me for many years prior to securing this new opportunity was truly commendable. Shelby's professionalism, expertise, and genuine concern for her candidates make her an outstanding recruiter, and I would highly recommend her!"



EZ, Lead Product Designer

"Kayla has been one of the best recruiters I have had the pleasure of working with. Kayla helped me secure my first leadership role in North America. She was with me every step of the way, from the initial phone screen to the final offer letter, providing me with the support and guidance I needed."


Sean, Cloud Engineer

"Shelby did a great job managing communications between myself and a company I was interviewing for. Her diligence made the process easy and helped me secure the job."


JD, Product Manager

"Shelby has mastered one of the hardest things to do as an external recruiter: Make me feel like she was on my side. She was sending me relevant articles and content about how to succeed in the interview. She thoroughly prepped me on what the hiring manager was looking for. She even helped me navigate counteroffers and helped me through to the end (emailed me on my first day)! She is truly one of a kind. I've never encountered any recruiter like her."


Kurosh, Software Engineer

I had a great pleasure to work with Laura during my recruitment process and I highly enjoyed her detailedness and responsiveness. She was amazing at her job and in each and every step throughout my recruitment process she gave a comprehensive and detailed package of everything needs to be done. I haven't seen so much care and engagement from any recruiters part. Any organization or client would be lucky to have Laura Russell as their technical recruitment manager and employee.


Anthony, Product Manager

Shelby is one of the best recruiters I've worked with in the tech industry. She is kind, patient, and really cares about the candidate experience. Throughout the interview process, she'd do her best to provide as much information as possible about the role and organization and answer any questions you may have. I'd highly recommend her to anyone who's looking for a new opportunity.


Tarkesh,  Senior Business Analyst

Kristina, in my 10-year corporate career, I've never seen a recruiter really care much after the recruitment process. So, your regular check-ins make me pleasantly surprised and really happy that I got a chance to work with you. Speaks volumes about your work ethic and long-term relationship-driven mindset. Kudos and more power to you!!!!!!


Christophe, Director of Research at Quincus

Today, LinkedIn gives us the possibility to access talent worldwide. However, finding the right person in a haystack of excellent profiles became highly complex and hugely demanding. That is why I used the services of hireVouch and Patrick's team. I found outstanding professionals. We hired six machine learning scientists with the right skills and the right mindset in just two months. Patrick is particularly exceptional in understanding the corporate culture, what it requires to succeed in my team and the company, and judging and assessing character.

My role is to build an environment of success for my team. So, I can still mentor, coach, and teach them what they need to blossom and succeed. Acquiring skills is a typical path in an AI-driven innovative department. However, it is almost impossible to change a mindset, even more with limited resources and the blazing fast pace of startups.

Thank you, Patrick, and thank you, hireVouch. If you want to grow in Canada, make a call to Patrick and your life will be instantaneously easier.


Edouard - Software Engineer

Shelby was great to work with! With every step of the way, she provided reference material as well as regular and prompt communication about the current status in the process. Really great experience I would recommend her to anyone who's looking for their next step.



Jon - SW Engineer

Christian provided the best recruiter experience I have had in over 30 years in the industry.  He was always proactive, contacting both myself and the potential employers and keeping us all in the loop.  I highly recommend Christian and hireVouch.


Long - Software Engineer

Kayla connected me with the exciting opportunity. She was proactive, thorough, responsive, and extremely helpful since the beginning of our conversation. Every call and email I received from Kayla not only was informative but also shows how much she cares. Kayla made the entire process from interviewing to decision-making and even my early onboarding very smooth and pleasant for me.


Scott - Team Lead

Shelby is truly one of the best in her field. She found me a great opportunity and worked with me every step of the way. The resources she provides are top-notch and she even wished me well on my first day. Kudos, Shelby!


Akshay - Cloud Engineer

I worked with Kristina quite recently, as she helped me out in my search for my next position. What stood out about her was the sheer clarity and precision that she brings to the table. Kristina is capable of finding a needle in a haystack quite effortlessly and had this knack of pulling out job descriptions that were not only relevant to my skills but also lined up perfectly with what my aspirations were for my next role. Most importantly Kristina does her research and gives you as thorough an overview of the organisation she is endorsing when sharing a job description with you. She is also immensely helpful when it comes to following up with the concerned hiring teams and keeps in touch with you throughout the process seeking and sharing constructive feedback through and through. I certainly see myself working with her again in the future and would strongly endorse her skills.


Phoebe - Test Automation Engineer

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kayla during my latest job hunting. She was brilliant in every stage of this process. Kayla exhibited professionalism and a sense of responsibility since our first contact. She kept me posted with high efficiency and ensure I was well prepared for the role. She is detail-oriented and provided me with all information required to be successful. I would always recommend Kayla to anyone looking for their next career move.


Otaviano - WordPress Developer

Kayla help me get a new position as developer. Since the first contact she assisted me with all information I needed for my interviews. Kayla was efficient and professional to helped me getting the new position. She has my recommendation and I would definitely work with her again.


Steve - QA Automation Engineer

Kayla helped me during my latest job hunt and she was professional, supportive and approachable every step of the way. Her coaching for meetings with the employer was very useful for someone who hasn't been in the job market for sometime and helped me land my new position. It was very pleasant working with her and I would do it again in a heartbeat.


David - Senior Business Analyst

I can't thank Chris Harris enough for his efforts in finding me a position as a Business Architect. It was such a fast and frictionless process! During our first conversation, Chris got the full measure of what I was looking for, and capable of, and in very short order came up with three excellent opportunities - one of which turned out to be the perfect job for me.


I found hireVouch through a job posting on LinkedIn - checked out the company website - and discovered this page of testimonials, all from happy hires. For me, this was clear evidence of both the ability of the firm to find good jobs for good people - and of the firm's human values. I was hooked. I messaged Chris and declared my intention to add a testimonial to this page, one day. Today is the day!


Andrew - Front End Engineer

Hey Christian, I just wanted to say that it's been a pleasure working Kristina. She's the best recruiter I've ever worked with! I can tell you do things differently at hireVouch. Thanks to both of you for all your help.


Chaitanya - Senior Technical Product Manager

Shelby, You have been very supportive and ensured that I was kept informed at all times of any updates throughout the process. To be honest, I wasn't really sure about the opportunity when we first chatted, but I now know I will be going to the right place, and part of it was a result of your help and support. Really appreciate it.


Luca - Senior Software Engineer

Shelby is friendly, dedicated, and committed. She'll provide references and information about each job opportunity and its company. She'll keep in touch for regular updates and will do her best to bridge communications between the candidate and the company so that the process flows more smoothly. Definitely a good professional to work with!


Majid - Product Manager

Shelby, I just wanted to send you a quick note. Over the course of the past few weeks I’ve experienced nothing but professionalism from you, your work ethic and your enthusiasm to partner with the people you represent is just phenomenal. You go over and beyond in not only providing insights to organizations (which makes research easier), but you also endeavour to provide the best possible communication in all of your engagement thus far. Your current employer is certainly lucky to have you.


Amit - Senior Software Engineer

Working with Shelby was nothing short of pleasant. From the first time we connected, Shelby was not only professional and succinct, but communicative as well. Shelby reached out to me with a few opportunities and provided me with ample amounts of material to help make my search as smooth as possible. Her calm demeanor always made me feel optimistic about the desired position and she made sure I was constantly updated every step of the way. She went the extra mile by continuing to follow up with me and ensure all my needs were met once I made a decision, something she did not have to do whatsoever.


Moving into a new role is a huge part of one's life as it sets the foundation for them for years to come. Throughout my discussions with Shelby, I never felt pressured, always felt reassured, and would absolutely recommend her!


Rency - Software Developer in Test

Kayla,  today was my first day with Relay Platform. It went really well. The onboarding was great and I did receive a warm welcome from the team. The company's culture is very open and I found it really interesting. I want to thank you for giving me a chance to attend the interview. You patiently listened to my requirements and figured out the right company for me. I appreciate the effort you put in through the entire recruitment process and also for your promptness. It's always a pleasure to work with such a dedicated recruiter like you.

Chris, thank you for scheduling the interviews on time and giving me a heads-up about the interviews. You have a very passionate team.


Misato - Software Developer

Shelby was incredibly helpful in connecting me with the right opportunity. She actually took the time to talk and listen to what I was looking for from my next role, and matched me up with opportunities that fit the description. Her approach and professionalism was so refreshing. Throughout the application process, Shelby was supportive, patient, and responsive to many questions and any concerns as well. I had a very positive experience, and wholeheartedly recommend working with Shelby!


Founder - Quantum Mob

Chris and his team has been nothing short of pivotal to our success and has provided candidates that are spookily good. With better candidates we interview less and get projects started faster.

CTO - Architech

I enjoyed working with Patrick because he is honest about realities, transparent with details, and demonstrated integrity through ethical conduct. Most importantly, he cares about the individual and is very mindful not to just be filling another role/seat. I highly recommend working with Patrick for these qualities because they are often hard to find!


Eric - Data Engineer Candidate

On support for candidates through their interviews:

This is awesome Shelby! It’s really refreshing to be working alongside such a helpful recruiter!


Adam - Head of Engineering Talent, Benchsci

Working with Chris and his team has been such a great experience. hireVouch attracts some of the best talent in Toronto and I always look forward to seeing the world-class candidates that Chris is able to present to us on a consistent basis. In a market where there is no shortage of options for external recruitment help, hireVouch is a breath of fresh air and our go-to team for any and all technical roles that we need help with.


Deepthi - Talent and Culture Lead, Architech

Working with Chris and his team at hireVouch has been a very positive experience for our Talent & Culture team at Architech. Chris is able to understand our urgent hiring requirements no matter how niche the roles are and is able to connect us with the best talent within the Toronto tech space along with a quick turnaround. I highly recommend them!

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