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Best Practices for Virtual Interviews

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Video job interviews are becoming increasingly more popular and given the current situation, are an effective way to advance your hiring process, safely and efficiently. Below are some suggested virtual interview best practices to ensure the process runs smoothly for your team and your candidates.

Test your equipment

Be sure to test your software, camera, and microphone before the interview. This will allow for a timely smooth start to your discussion.

Make the candidate feel comfortable

Begin by asking the candidate if they have ever been interviewed over video conference. Addressing it at the beginning will allow you to empathize and understand the candidate’s experience, and will help to put them at ease.

Let your personality shine through

Be “extra” personable! Given there’s a screen between you and the candidate, many physical cues used in conversation do not translate as well. This will add a human touch to your video interview.

Use icebreakers

Start with some icebreakers and easy-to-answer questions - leave the toughest ones for later. The more relaxed you are, the smoother the process will be for the candidate.

Be transparent

Be as transparent as possible about the interview process. If the videos are recorded, share how you will be using them and why. Ensure to address potential privacy issues on this topic.

Prepare an agenda ahead of time

Come prepared with an interview agenda and deliver a consistent interview process for every candidate.

Stay on schedule

Stick to the interview schedule. It’s easier to fall behind schedule when you conduct video interviews, especially when you’re at your home. Create and test a timeline that will help you cover all the important topics within your scheduled time. Track how the interview is going by taking notes but avoid checking your watch!

Be forgiving when it comes to technology

Try not to concentrate too much on the quality of the video, lighting, or camera framing. It can be difficult to frame yourself nicely even if you know what you’re doing. Don't take too many points off for not keeping “eye contact” with the camera lens. Look more for enthusiasm and solid content in their answers.

Set expectations ahead of the interview

Similar to your candidate expectations for in-person interviews, the candidates should still come prepared to the interview and professionally conduct themselves in both manner and appearance. A virtual interview does have limitations, but if you approach it with a plan and agenda they can help move things forward when other meeting types are limited.

Here are some tools that are great for conducting video interviews, many of which are free to use.


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