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Founder @ Quantum Mob

"Chris and his team has been nothing short of pivotal to our success and has provided candidates that are spookily good. With better candidates we interview less and get projects started faster."

CTO @ Architech

I enjoyed working with Patrick because he is honest about realities, transparent with details, and demonstrated integrity through ethical conduct. Most importantly, he cares about the individual and is very mindful not to just be filling another role/seat. I highly recommend working with Patrick for these qualities because they are often hard to find!  

Jon B. - Senior Full Stack Engineer

Nikol is an amazing recruiter. She has listened to my needs and has kept me informed throughout the process. When my first opportunity didn't pan out, Nikol kept at it, finding me more opportunities to interview for. For each interview, she has researched the company and offered advice so that I arrived with the specific information I needed to impress. I would easily recommend Nikol to anyone looking for a new role. Well done!

Eric - Data Engineer Candidate

On support for candidates through their interviews:


This is awesome Shelby! It’s really refreshing to be working alongside such a helpful recruiter!